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Monday, March 21, 2016

Bank mergers and employment restructuring

Only hindrance for banks merger will be from trade union sponsored phobia which can be tackled through this for all public sector financial institutions including insurance. Solution is simple  and can also cripple CPM before WB elections
Employment restructuring as an economic model- Made for India to make a better India.
Government and public sector restructure - a new employment and investment generation proposal leading to less expenditure by government- how?

1.There are many qualified, energetic and employable youth who are unemployed.
2. Many government and public sector offices have many workers above 55 years drawing an average minimum salary of 60 to 70 k/per month.
3. They can be given a very good Golden handshake package at the rate of minimum 2 to 2.5 lakhs/per year of service completed, so each one of these few lakh people will get minimum of 50 to 55 lakhs as lump sum [without taxes or minimum 10% or 20% of the amount to be deposited as onetime payment of some government annuity policy scheme whose interest can be used for dispersing interest free education loan for primary and secondary education or skill training courses] which will come back into economy as investment [lesser amount will end up only as repayment of existing outstanding loans].
4. Once these oldies are flushed out well qualified and capable  youngsters can be recruited with a salary of maximum 35 to 40 k and each one of them  will do the work which was done by four [4] people earlier [ unpleasant fact/truth/reality in most cases].

 5. Government will be saving on salary expenditure of minimum a few lakh crores, generate employment for youth, get investment into economy from those Golden Hand Shake amount

6. This also has some hidden political benefits as most of these employees are brainwashed by different trade unions mostly affiliated to some left parties or with predominant trade union ideology of various outfits.  This will enable government to easily implement new labor reforms and reduce labor laws.

7. Government departments and public sector units can give actual data of employees in that bracket as on date and based on the data government can work out good modules but golden handshake package must be good enough for employees to quit. VSNL did it wonderfully when it took over certain operations from BSNL in the early 90s.

 8. BJP will get votes from the oldies retired through VRS, the beneficiaries of the investment generated through that and also the youth who get employment.

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