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Monday, March 21, 2016

India-project India

·       One project that can be of great help for improving Tourism, Environment and Forests, Commerce, Agriculture and Transport ministries.

·       An excellent detailed data and documentation source in the form of documentary films in English, Hindi and each regional language of each region covered.

·       Using technologically advanced drone cameras I request tourism, environment, commerce, agriculture, transport ministries to make video of every district of India in its entire splendor.

·       I have a team of scientists who have resigned from top MNCs and developing prototype drones which can fly for 20 minutes and cover 200 sq. kilometers over dense forests, mountains, arid lands, rivers etc and capture all details including that of flora and fauna, including its genome mapping done.

·       In addition from every state department we can get inputs and synthesis all these all data for various ministries and for global tourists, business investors etc.

·       In addition to temples we also have a very great variety of natural splendors which remain unexplored and unknown to the world outside.

·       These can be great tourist attraction spots, research areas and also investment opportunities for various activities.

·       These drones are also fitted with sensors to deduct availability of water beneath some 300 feet while on flight.

·       These can keep track of wild animal movement, stop poaching also deduct movement of terrorists and Naxals in tribal forests and help in internal security.

·       We can create a team of professionals from various fields and create a great synergy with which can produce documentaries which will be useful for economic development, projection of great resources of our country and also these can be politically useful as well.

·       In India there are some examples of good documentaries but they are mostly about certain personalities in some fields; on temples; rituals and festivities but not as data on projection of natural resources and the rest as mentioned above.

·       However there was one very impactful documentary on Maharastra by Raj Thackeray's   Aesthetic Vision for Maharashtra – BluePrint –though not highly professional but was informative and useful


o   Probably we can pack it with more information, useful data and greater developed technological presentations. Some crores for many ministries better than fudning FTII, JNU etc


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