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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Narayanamurthy of Infosys.

Narayanamurthy of Infosys.

While no one needs to be cocooned inside ideological identity cages it is not good to choose elements entrenched in bias.

We Indians have a weakness for sponsoring known anti-Indian and anti-Hindu   elements especially moving beneath the mask of intellectuals.

Even basically, though it is the prerogative of the sponsor to choose the place, person and products of his choice. Unfortunately or fortunately Indian youth bothered about ethical, social, fundamental humane qualities have been asking me the following questions.

Why people who were born and bred in India, employing many Indians and through whose toils have made huge name and lot of money never think of India?

Why those who are also aware that in India there are 600 plus districts where millions of children cannot afford to get even their school books and many educated youth have no accessibility to good and great libraries in India, have never bothered to sponsor such activities in India or fund such activities in India.?

Why those whose family members write highly sentimental and emotional stories of   hospitality, generosity and charity never think of India?

 I just move away from such youth because I cannot answer too many questions meant for the educated elders and big personalities for their deeds and dealings.

They may not have their own compulsions, reservations, wisdom or hidden agenda.

After all it is their prerogative. 

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