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Monday, March 14, 2016

Children -the great teachers

Above all children resort to unending unbiased unleashing of a barrage of questions, which grown up people soaked in prejudices of many meaningless traditions and rituals [which the elders /grown ups conveniently term as social values] find awkward to face. 

Children ripe apart all questionable values , hypocrisy, contradictions which may cause uneasiness to conjure up a convincing answer but clears up many blocks in our inner consciousness to help us come out of our strong fortress of identities built scrupulously over so many years. 

It is no wonder that a great poet has said, ' Child is the father of the man'. But for this to happen, a sort of reciprocal benefit to both, parents must give full freedom to children and also allow them to come up with their own way of expressing and communicating with all others around. 

However, unfortunately both the family and society, wrongly and very often does not entertain this.

I am deeply grateful for my children - for the daily supply of spontaneous silliness, causeless joy, endless laughter, aimless fights, unquestioning support, and unconditional love! And so it is!

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