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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Humaneness over tall philosophy and hypocrisy

We are nation where everyone talks of high philosophy but fail to follow even the very basic humane qualities like caring and sharing worse still even conversing and smiling. This is manifest in all spheres of our lives.

Most of us have a very healthy public opinion and a hypocritically filthy private justification to the contrary.

If you happen to live in any apartment in city if you greet someone or anyone with a smile the reciprocation that you get is very hesitant, obligatory, measured half grin and half smile executed with more difficulty than a noisy fart inside a crowded lift/elevator.

Whereas, if there is a very noisy fight inside someone's house then the very next day everyone very enthusiastically participates in gossips and the neighbor [who eves-dropped ] of that the house where the noisy fight took place, is given the podium and everyone flocks around him and end up thanking him and from the following day everyone salutes him too. This is a fact in most cases.

We love others trouble and misery with an almost inherent sadistic attitude and hence refused to get united for any activity that offers positive help to fellow human beings.

I am happy, not because MODI or AJ have bothered to look at rural economy and agriculture, but it was long due, for we must be thankful to those folks for providing us with everything basically necessary for our survival without even a word of praise or concern from many of us.

Unless the rural economy is at least even marginally improved Indian economy cannot prosper.

It is a fact of economics, ethical duty and evolutionary Dharma.

Even on the quota stuff, all over the world historically as DR. Subramanya Swamy says, the class of people who have never ruled a particular geographical location but have been living there and contributing to or at least participating in the developmental activities of that region need reservation. And precisely by that logic SCs/STs who have been contributing to this nation for so many years have never ruled.

Ruling, governing and commanding was confined to other class or caste people.

We never gave adequate importance proportionally to some souls who were among the most qualified academically, candidly speaking with clarity of vision to contribute to the nation like Rajaji, Vallbhai patel, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Ambedkar, Babu Rajendra prasad.

There is pattern followed to side line and silence them. Two were made presidents, one governor general, other home minister who was, unfortunately, respecting beyond necessity a nasty PM and the other Dr. Ambedkar was left with no significant portfolio and not only was that, Nehru misused all resources to defeat him electorally. All these five must have been in active decision making positions rather than being consigned to some titular post.

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