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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Identity or ideology veneration

Identity or ideology veneration

Any identity or ideology veneration is, by itself, a limiting factor and therefore self defeating if it claims to help one’s perception or enhance one’s well being.

Trying to interpret and ideologically portray certain facts or issues or events or persons or life in terms of perspectives based on any such ideological or identity fixation can have an impact which may impede or hamper original experience and/or perception as it may prompt many to view facts and life’s events only through prisms of such ideological templates.

Though this is inevitable and also in some cases it can benefit the individual and the society at large.
However, in many cases it can create a major cultural and mental block.

The havoc is more if an ideology masquerades as a great religious or social philosophy endorsed by publicity and ensconced in appealing logical fallacies, exaggerated presentation of apparent inequalities, cynicism and attractive vocabulary and all these factors well sewed up, linked and designed to project and peddle a victim hood.

What these types of approaches end up doing is creating many sub ideologies and identities with multiple petty ideology peddling heroes instead of real scholars.

These people quickly cause social engineering but also leave inadvertently a byproduct of individual psychological depravity.

Basically this individual psychological depravity takes on a new dimension of collective subversion, of all systems and procedures done with good intentions, leading to numbness of conscious concern.

More so because certain social ideologies emanate from a mixture of undefined and unrefined criticism of all existing systems and approaches [ with all their niceties and nastiness] and rejects and ejects all systems that do not fall in line with the new found social ideology.

All sorts of misinterpretations happen precisely in all extremisms in the name of religion, politics, socio –economic systems etc especially when fixed ideologies replace philosophical inquiries and deprive independent and free experiments and experiences.

The proponents of such regimented ideologies are inane politicians projected as elite ones by media publicity as both of them [media and petty ideology peddling politicians] as a group stand to benefit out of such alignments.

On the whole they lead to psychological depression, social unrest and unhappy life by creating walls and fences of perpetual sense of insecurity combined with vacuous inanity.

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