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Monday, March 21, 2016

Government that works and anti-national forces

To know sincerely about the seriousness with which the present government operates on nation’s economic and social welfare beyond all yellow journalistic projections and paid TV anchors debates I suggest the following at least to educated youth [15 years to 60 years]

For the first time we have a government which moved on with clear cut blue prints on various sectors one such blue print, a must read for every Indian is a book titled ‘Getting India back on track’ [a must read] which deals with serious and sensible reforms in various sectors-incidentally the book was officially released one week after Modi took over as PM but was the result of two years of research preceding that funded by Carnegie Institute.

For the first time we have a government which has come out with the most exhaustive details about various aspects of economy in its economic survey and also made it available for public view and debate without fudging any figures in two volumes I have given links to volume one

For the first time we have a government which is transparent.

For the first time we have a government which has a vision and a methodical and scientifically measured approach to lot of economic and social issues.

For the first time we have a government we have a government which proceeds about addressing very basic issues necessary for the national development and image on many fronts.

No wonder anti-National forces are so intolerant that they instigate students and half baked pretentious know and judge-all paid social watch dogs- part of the barking brigade- lingering in the lobbies of media houses to spit venom and split the nation’s morale on various dividing options.

For all the positivism that is happening actually in governance we have 100 times more negativism in media. So try to avoid all popular media news channels and news papers go into government websites and know about the work that is being done every day in every ministry.

Then decide and vote in all state election where caste and communal issues will be ignited by anti-nationals and magnified by media.

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