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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Media's 10 Ms

          Ten M’s of MSM- offers more nuisance than news
1.    It has murdered journalistic integrity at the altar of paid news;

2.    It has mutilated the meaning of words beyond recognition for example ‘secularism’;

3.    It has manipulated everything and everyone freely appropriating and assigning labels;

4.    It has massacred national interest for sleaze, salary, sensationalism and alcoholism;

5.    It has molded opinions with selective amnesia and collective indifference;

6.    It has muted the voice of sanity with the noise of verbal diarrhea;

7.    It has misled youth which is the worst of all the crimes;

8.    It has masturbated with outdated ideologies of victim hood projections;

9.    It has manufactured so much of negativism;

10.It has made its own grave as social media disseminates truth in real time.


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