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Monday, March 21, 2016

Agriculture and economy

Actually sky is the limit when it comes to generating revenue from agriculture.

Merely by increasing the cotton production alone we can re write the history of world economics to a very great extent.

Case in point are : - Israel, China and Gujarat.

But there are too many concomitant factors, aspects and activities which need to be taken up to scale up greater revenue out of agricultural activities.

Optimum exploitation of agricultural activities has not been envisaged, to be precise unfortunately we have not  reached even 10% of the potential.

These vary from terrain to terrain, region to region, product to product and since these are not present as on date in India in most places where the crops are grown they need to be developed.

This involves paying attention therefore to both micro details region wise and product wise and also macro developmental activities like infrastructure facilities of various types.

For example what PM when he was the CM of Gujarath did through the marvelous 5 F technology for cotton production.

Indian economists have perception deficit and disorder that they think only share market and equity market participating industrial and service sectors, besides foreign exchange revenue generating exports and software industries alone contribute to the economy along with the misconception that all data must be evaluated based on only organized [ironic terminology- where files to move from one table to the next take some days or months even] sector activities.

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