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Monday, March 21, 2016

Amit shah speech at India Today conclave

India Today Conclave T-20 played by Amit Shah like Chris Gayle.

Moral convictions with consummate mastery versus convicted morsels consumed by pay masters.

When moral conviction emanates from conscious awareness of the inner self and its real responsibilities in context then there emerges a spontaneous sense with candidness and courageous communication with crystal clear clarity of understanding on any issue.

This inner strength relates well to create good leaders and not manufactured leaders.

These leaders can spot substance from superficiality;

They do not need nor do they knead new meanings by squeezing and pressing  select terms like secularism [to change affidavit to protect only a particular terrorist], freedom of speech [to propagate only a particular ideology], tolerance [to promote only a particular family] , remote control [ to stifle the parliament, cabinet from functioning only to prevent a particular case], bahari [ to not even talk about a only particular individual’s right to privacy].

Compare this with pathetic prepaid media with its prepared questions and unprepared to listen to counter questions.

This remote controlled and remotely concerned media with prefixed agenda and ideology made the contrast all the more entertaining.

The anchor was not even correct in his cricketing terminology to say the least; 

Amit Shah was leaving ‘wide no balls’ and not ‘googlies’.

I wish Indian schools of journalism teach one paper on  facts about India, one on positivism and one semester  listening to all interviews in BBC  like Hark talk shows.  
Also to watch  ‘ Lie to Me’ serials to know how body language exposes the hidden intentions.s

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