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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Negative perspective ,wrong evaluations and perverted notions of success

Most of these are the result of our negative perspective on many things.

I do not watch any TV channel except some news Channels when I have tea for 5 minutes.

However, I get as some YouTube clippings in mails and social media through a limited circle.

We have become a very perverted society subverting all sanity and sincere activities with soul less monetary evaluation of success or failure. 

In the sphere of socio-psychology we have been ruined by meaningless outdated ideological fixations on one hand and hypocritical observance of ritualistic behavior on another and suspend everything else between these two extremes.

So, youth are tormented in these pyres of evaluation and social acceptance that they put off their aspirations, artistic skills, creativity, and dreams in the back burner to fit in the system initially for acceptance followed by appreciation based on that evaluation.

The society is insensitive to the psychological impacts of these perversions and subversions as former Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis repeatedly says in many of his interviews.   

Only this morning I was posting many of my old observations in my blog and the last one was this

We Indians, of late, I mean in the past few decades have been pathetically and fundamentally wrong in evaluating anything.

We have a weakness for people who can intellectualize and articulate verbally any nonsense and worse still, the better a person is at these talents then that person gets more publicity.

More stupid one’s evaluation the greater importance that person gets as for example a popular Carnatic vocalist evaluates Carnatic music by the attendance of slum children.

Music is music and socialism is socialism. If that person is really that sincere he must, coming from really rich back ground, build better homes, provide better electricity, better audio systems, start music schools for those slum children and not find fault with musicians, sabhas and worse still criticize the very essence of the music itself.

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