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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Empathy and leadership
Humane values, humility and high level of compassion combined with clear cut policy designs to ensure certain level of socio-economic welfare of the maximum number of human beings at least in specific geographic areas without denying the same to others in other areas.
Also ensuring to leave a livable planet for posterity and sanity with clarity of understanding that phobia production, mania manufacturing, victim hood vending, and animosity aggravating lead only to spoil harmony and happiness.
Scientific systems, proper procedures at micro level and with passion filled intentions at macro level of concern can lead to ensure certain level of accomplishments on these lines.
This requires fine tuning many time tested values and relationships.
Relationship in all spheres- In the ultimate analysis everything is about how we relate with others, with things, with ideologies, with various identities, with the whole environment and so on that is going to determine our role and relevance in the world and in our own life. In short how we relate our inner self with the outer world and the level of synergy that we create for a harmonious and peaceful life.

Also do away with social systems which emphasis on certain identity cages as panacea for all lives everywhere and resort to frenzied attempt to homogenize based on only particular ideas, particular system of life, particular system of politics, particular system of economic model, particular philosophy, particular religious way of life etc

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