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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Education for 21st Century

Very nice article, especially with very appealing and appropriate images.
However, I wish you had also included the following broad aspects.
Functional literacy:-
Under functional literacy sixth items to include awareness of multi cultural and cross cultural literacy probably some may end up appreciating and adopting cultures from other geographical areas. This is imperative in a globalized world and also as an aspect leading to tolerance of other cultures.
Also include focused literacy on rights, rules, roles and responsibilities as a growing citizen according to the milieu or nation where one lives-some places it could be constitutional rights in some others it could be observance of expected obligatory behavior.
Environmental sciences involving comprehensive details about available natural resources and the need to use them with care to leave a livable planet for posterity along with a concern for all species.
Relevant perspective on the basis of which to evaluate anything with proper scale of observation and frames of references to ensure clarity of understanding in proper context/situation as well as better adoptability without extrapolating existing templates of perception.
Character Qualities:-
Compassion towards all as the main principle of life born out of proper awareness, understanding and acceptance of all forms of identities social, cultural, linguistic, regional, political, ideological, religious etc.
Relationship in all spheres- In the ultimate analysis everything is about how we relate with others, with things, with ideologies, with various identities, with the whole environment and so on that is going to determine our role and relevance in the world and in our own life. In short how we relate our inner self with the outer world and the level of synergy that we create for a harmonious and peaceful life.
Ensure to emerge and evolve consciously as a global citizen

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