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Monday, March 21, 2016

Media's bad image and worse impact

 The media has brought this bad image upon itself by playing into the hands of certain forces; I need not explain in detail who or what those forces are.

The media persons have every right to interpretations, ideological identities, even bias as all these are universal human weaknesses, so no one expects them to be immune from all these.

What is obvious is media’s selective amnesia and collective indifference making them use microscopes to magnify minor mistakes in usage of words  [after all politicians are not specialist linguists] whereas do not bother to report glaring non governance, non performance for 10 years because most of the media personalities, some of the select media houses were themselves beneficiaries of a scam of UPA government which took them on trips abroad at the tax payers money along with the Prime Minister on all his trips abroad, making them stay at five star hotels and treating them like royal servants.

I do not understand why no one has taken up this scam. I wish that this is taken up seriously.

Malda melted like Dalda and disappeared from media glance, murders in Kerala masked but harsh treatment for Horse flogging.

Some media houses are conducting more trails and delivering more judgments on all issues than all the courts in India put together including on judicial activism when judiciary is not favoring them; preach on parliamentary over reach when parliament wants a panel to appoint judges; blame bureaucratic hurdles when funds of their pay masters get delayed; criticize government corporate nexus; condemn police excess but media mafia, misuse and its lobbies always take umbrage under press freedom.

Stephany Yablow  was  correct "Inevitably, the media create a circus, elevating everything and elucidating nothing."

It also establishes well what Charles Eisenstein said, "From brand names to PR slogans to political code words, the language of the media that inundates modern life consists almost wholly of subtle lies, misdirection, and manipulation”.

Viruses that affect the Indian socio- psychological perceptions are mostly thanks to media contribution in the recent past.

Myth making;


Citing exceptions as examples and make sweeping statements based on that;

Over generalizing the particular;

Particularizing the general;

Over simplifying the complex;

Complicating the simple;

Resorting to unloving criticism and uncritical love;

Projecting poverty and suffering as the important requirements to get god’s grace;

Evaluating anything or anyone with irrelevant aspects;

Quoting and questioning things without contextual relevance;

Proceeding with justifications to bolster up or brush aside facts;

Paralyzing simple events with unwarranted and perverted analysis;

Forging for facts to fit into preconceptions;

Showing intolerance towards dissent;

Invent intentions when results are good and useful;

Pandering to populism and political correctness over providing long term prosperity;

Making desperate attempts to degrade some and deify others;

Opposing for the sake of opposing; rejecting reasoning; operating with selective amnesia and collective indifference; 

Trying to mask present short comings by raking up past glories and gloat with ethnocentric pride;

Sit on judgment over everything and everyone without trying to know in detail what we are judging;

Generously throwing opinions around even without doing some home work on any issue;

Diverting attention from intrinsically important issues by projecting emotionally appealing allegations, twisting facts, total indifference to facts etc have all become such a huge carapace covering the present generation that no one can know what is the real character of this generation.

The prime reason for most of these  ugly trends are because people are overwhelmingly negatively influenced by media houses both in the print and audio visual which churns out heroes out of zeros and in some cases the glamorous reel industry dominates over and sometimes replaces the reality.

These worthies in the media are mostly guided by some petrified ideological fixations bolstered by some putrefied slogans and outdated statistics ,  pelf that pours into their purses,  propelled by pseudo intellectualism and all of these masquerading as meaningful concern for the public.

These media worthy pawns are moved around to manipulate, mislead and micro manage remotely all domains by multiple forces.

Most unfortunate impact of the manifestation of these attitudes is that  many gullible youths apply most of these indiscriminately across the whole spectrum of human activities like in  political domain, religious activities, social issues, cultural institutions, sports arena, economic development  projects, commercial sector etc.

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