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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Word meaning

Word meaning is nothing but the meaning we impregnate to a chain of or group of or set of alphabets with acceptable, familiar and justifiable structural etymological associations which themselves were born out of cultural, social, emotional, functional utility to human species as well as pleasing sound structures, so that the very familiarity through constant repetitive usage, recognition and association becomes an established label for easy reference and recognition.
However, during the course of life’s churning process and evolutionary changes in perspectives and trends which lead to different perceptions and interpretations, these very labels acquire many more allied or totally different, disconnected and sometimes even contradictory meanings all of which are collectively called in linguistic jargon as 'connotations’.

These connotations are more pronounced and many in number especially for words used for certain emotions and feelings with very predominant subjective element; besides for imaginary things, abstract concepts, aspirations and urges.

Through study of words and their evolution in terms of usage in different contexts and the meaning in which they are used we can learn many other sciences of human race.

That’s why I always say words have wings.

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