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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why no other sport except Cricket attracts private sponsors... How can we change this?

Why no other sport except Cricket attracts private sponsors... How can we change this?

My contention is why we need to change it.

There are some positions to take on any issue.

All of them need not necessarily be logically correct, legally perfect, morally approvable, and socially beneficial and so on.

But then the stake holders involved in it obviously opt for them and we must try to understand why?

Every religion, culture, region have a fancy for certain practices which they perform with immense energy and enthusiasm repeatedly which for any objective and rational observer may look puzzling, sometimes meaningless as well.

Every region and culture adopts certain types of food over the other available options, sometimes even better ones.

Similarly every nation or region gets glued to or has a fancy for particular sports and can go crazy forgetting everything else.

Sometimes certain sporting events unite people without any inhibition and also almost take them to a state of meditative intensity and involvement which is both relaxing and refreshing for everyone.

In the subcontinent it is cricket, incidentally introduced by the colonial rulers.

The human beings in the subcontinent as a species has collectively not only accepted but also fell in love and excelled in certain things that the colonial rulers had brought along.

These things the human race in the subcontinent did so because it felt its utility, charm, certain rational justifications too.

Among them are the dress of the westerners for its convenience [though not always suitable for the hot climate]; its language [namely English] because of the necessity to communicate beyond the borders to be understood]; its one sport Cricket due to its many splendors involving testing of mental and physical toughness with many rules with inbuilt immense scope for ‘glorious uncertainties’.

At present in India it has acquired such crazy following that it cannot be wished away and that need not be compared with lesser importance given to other sports.

In matters of taste, trends, traditions let us not look of socialistic justifications nor even attempt to sully them with such ideologies nor try to rationalize human behavior.

After victory of the favorite team the whole nation gets into riot mode but everyone enjoys it.

This riotous atmosphere is the result of overflow of joy and not out of protest or angst or revolution.

Every nation’s youth know the name of their favorite sports ‘icons’ they may not even know where, when and how that sport started and evolved.

It is because such a sport touches the pulse of the nation through the hearts of its supporters.

It is only logical and saner on the part of sponsors to invest their money there rather than in some activity which gets hardly noticed.

Fortunately commercial sponsors need not be driven by any extraneous compulsions.

As long as excessive adulation of one particular sport, one culture, and one type of music does not suffocate other sports, cultures, music etc in any particular space, nor cause harm to the very field of activity, in this case sports, nor harms humanity or environment in any way, then, there is no necessity to change solely because the majority of people cutting across all differences like it, love it and lap it up in its multiple forms.

Whereas, we must look at changing things in spheres like our film industry and media because they harm all modes of rationality and inject so much of negativity and stupidity in society.


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