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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Parenting and individual liberty

Every individual human being is a package by itself with a unique physical frame, psychological perspective, inherited/injected emotions, if we believe a life force or soul or whatever we wish to call it which has to blossom and experience life in its own with all its pleasures and pains which no one else can experience but at best be spectator with willingly or unwillingly.

Unfortunately what most parents do is trying to live vicariously through their children their own aspirations or a life which they wanted but could not without realizing their children have a life of their own.

So, strictly speaking parenting after donating a sperm and leasing a womb and initially taking care of the physical well being of the Child is all about weaving meaningful and mutually respectable relationships psychologically factoring in many socio-cultural changes and the generational differences. All of these are easily said than done because the emotional bonds and the innate parental expectations will mostly cloud many things and project only our interests, intentions prompted by our notions of their [our children’s] well being.

Wiser parenting, in my personal opinion is involving without interfering, motivating with manipulating, allowing independent and interdependent individual growth to unleash its own melodies rather than orchestrating to our tunes.

Impersonal Universal self [with whatever nomenclature - God, Soul, Divinity etc- we want to believe in or disbelieve in it totally] which operates through each body-mind organism will take care of the appropriate harmony.

Probably our role is restricted to inculcating humane values and attitudes based on that so that there is a socio-cultural harmony in living as a species.

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