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Sunday, April 10, 2016

News channels' experts' panel discussions

Social elite show

Most of these comedy shows are imbued with small minded social elites with outdated ideological fixations who have appropriated labels of liberal, intelligentsia etc and cry from their cocoons with selective tolerance and filtered intolerance.
Only positive aspect of this bunch is that most of them have gift of the gab garnished with well rehearsed catchy sentences/slogans/sermons to push through all their crab and spiced with references to some well known authors as if to endorse their opinions.
Without exception almost all of them have certain principles all of which are encapsulated inside a bigger principle called expediency.
Therefore they are all experts in diplomatic verbal diarrhea large enough to mask the hypocrisies in their personal life.
They are aware that tact sells better than talent, publicity pushes much better than real performance. 
If you have watched dog shows you can actually tell the breed of each one of them.
Some breeds are easily identifiable with healthy public views and filthy personal attitudes and activities. 

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