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Monday, April 18, 2016

Balancing in Life

Balancing is important because life has multiple dimensions.
Living involves myriad methods and dynamics as it passes through various situations and contexts.
So,  we need to develop, design and deliver deftly a well balanced combination of these various dimensions and dynamics which decide lot of things concerning our life , mainly our relationships- i.e. how we relate with everyone else, our own self, everything else and all that exists  and lives outside us and crops up inside us.
Life is after all not mere chronology of existence but a meaningful topology of relationships.
We cannot experience life based on past templates nor future projections but can experience life  as a live activity at present in the present situation or context.
However, we can imbue our attitude in dealing with any context with some time tested humane values like compassion, love, forgiveness, humility, sharing and caring.
These will ensure that even during spur of the movement, spontaneous or short tempered reactions, the hurt or negative impact will be less or at least less violent.
Along with these attitudes we must also ensure that every word and deed are- out of concern - calculated, measured , nuanced and calibrated to the context but taking into consideration all the sensitivities and  sensibilities of all involved.
Therefore, words and deeds have to be also   nice and diplomatically  delivered.

Most importantly egocentric psychological interpretation of  actions must be avoided because it will see adjustments or cooperation as compromise and so on .

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