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Monday, April 18, 2016

Modi's focus

Modi’s focus has been and is always on economic developmental activities from the time he took over as PM and even before that.

However, please try to understand you can get rid of all scaffolding once your new house is ready to occupy but cannot divorce your spouse. Similarly, however great be one's vision, good be one's intentions, excellent one's actions as a political leader one cannot afford to divorce politics totally from policies.

The ways and means and methods of getting political mileage can be maneuvered [as in this domain no one can create any paradigm shift] though cannot be changed but gradually modified into a more civilized way.

It will again take time as in India politics involves poly tricks and itching ticks associated with it all of which cannot be removed or wished away over night and even if one tries doing it MSM will sensationalize it.

To tune all his party men first to the frequency of prioritizing economic development and progress, then educate the public about its importance over everything else etc is difficult, not impossible, but it takes time.

Everyone must realize through reaping the tangible benefits of economic development oriented policies, programs and performance. We must feel happy that at least it is all happening after 60 plus years.

Biggest problem that GOI must address simultaneously is silencing MSM and NGO mafia funded by anti-national forces.

Seniors within the party must be asked to gracefully retire and not resort to media attention seeking, public attention diverting and religious passion whipping activities.

All religion oriented, I mean every religion oriented, activity must be confined to the four walls of the house preferably room, still better within the individual and that will be a sign of real advancement.

While we have allowed evolution in every sphere of human activity in religion alone, we have cautiously protected with love status quo, of course with certain selective misinterpretation of select books or scriptures. This, if you ask any psychologist will tell you is the manifestation of sense of insecurity.

All religious leaders must remember that the greatness of religion does not hinge on the number of adherents but in the temper of tolerance towards others, though there is no harm in having more number of adherents. It does not hinge on louder mikes and larger places of worship or even reclaiming historical mistakes with histrionic attacks.a

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