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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Politician must be seen positively

There is favoritism, fanaticism, fraud,fan following, firing and hiring are there in every field of activity across the globe , but in varying degrees of intensity and impact.

 Politics is not an exception to this. 

There are many good politicians, many politicians who are corrupt but at the same time also have decided and delivered on a macro level -thanks to their position- some good things as well.

More so now there is a huge paradigm shift in political culture itself in India ,however minimal and slow that may be, in many ministries, many states etc because of people becoming more educated and better informed through various sources. 

Let us see the positivism in politics and try to promote that and those who contribute to that ,also appreciate the positive activities of some politicians rather set on only populist and sensationalist fault finding mode.

No one can become a moral judge and unruly behavior and taking law in one's own hand is a bigger socio-psychological threat.

It is an incubation and indicator for greater evil.

What if same politician decides to use police brutality on the protesting mobs?

Civilization requires better ways of showing dissent than cinematic stunts or throwing theatrical tortures. It may look good, that too in a Vijayakanth or Rajinikanth movie and not in real life.

We all know that in real life it is the other way around.

Opposite of nonsense must not be greater nuisance but better sense.

Only in societies which stones to death wrong doers, whips in public wrong doers there are more military dictators and organized terror outfits.

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