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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Human vulnerability -when good persons become a prey to circumstances

Pavan Varma is a very sincere and true Indian whose books can generate more patriotic feelings than many other works unfortunately has fallen from his lofty pedestal just for the sake of expediency and position.

He is still a right man in a wrong place and wedded to his now found ideology.

He has a great ancestry and an excellent grasp of things about India and Hinduism and can articulate them well from an Indian perspective without resorting to cut and paste Western perceptions.

I even used to suggest to anyone to have a brief knowledge of what India is to read two of his great books Being Indian and Becoming Indian.

It is still unfortunate that he is not in the nation building positive decision making and performance delivering governing group.

I actually feel sorry for such socio-psychological disorders which afflict even the most intelligent people.

He does not do anything for money, he does not need it nor is he required to crave for posts as he has already held many.

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