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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Judges retreat April 2016

Wishing the retreat great success. Judges are not just human beings.
They are greater and special because they listen more [sometime mere verbal diarrhea from lawyers] and are humble enough to listen to all sides rather than jumping to conclusion with their personal biases and opinions which are very difficult tasks especially in an era when even a 3 year old has a opinion on everything and even 30 year old petrified opinionated souls continue as students.
Judges cannot be expected to be experts in every subject or issue nor can they feign as know-all and judge all specialists like the media anchors and press reporters.
Judiciary is one important institution which has primarily the onus of judging the legal sustainability of any matter , often it is also required to take into consideration the socio-moral aspects and humanitarian concerns with contextual relevance in the interest of greater good of humanity and environment and also social harmony.
It is very good that though complete and concrete changes have not taken place in our judicial system in tune with the greater expectations of growing population of well informed society.
It is good that the honorable judges have also gone one step further in opting for a serious retreat [rather than foreign jaunts in the name of retreat] to further their knowledge and update on various issues as is evident from the agenda. We all must congratulate them for their humility and good intentions.
But my only humble request at this juncture to this august assembly of senior and scholarly souls is, as judges please resist your temptation to pander to media projected populist notions while handling any case on any issue. If possible put a gag on media trails on issues that are already in court. Media messes around with its 24/7 non stop nonsense.

Let the honorable judges ensure to continue  the meta terms that comes to the mind of ordinary citizens when they think of judges is law, order, rules, impartiality, national interest, humane concerns, environmental protection, ensuring economic developmental activities at least with certain amount of  financial discipline and concern for the society at large, punish the violators however mighty and powerful they may be, keep main stream paid media from sensationalizing sensitive issues and if possible also look into the possibility of  installing cameras in all court rooms and also record all cases to enhance the trust of the public.

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