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Sunday, April 10, 2016

MODI's operandi -teh new modus operandi

                                  Modus Operandi of BJP and/ or Modi’s operandi

Modus Operandi of BJP or can we call it as Modi’s operandi with great visions carried on with a workaholic mission and manifesting intentions with conviction.
This type of functioning does not need any publicity or certification, compliments social elites crowding our main stream media and those with outdated ideological fixations who havefrom small minded  appropriated labels of liberal, intelligentsia etc and cry from their cocoons with selective tolerance and filtered intolerance.
Modi is letting his performance speak sans publicity;
Modi is letting his practices announce loudly than make noises inside media anchor rooms;
Modi is winning over through soft power [ as YOGA DAY within an year and Holiday for Dewali in UN];
Modi is letting his economic development agenda move on its track in all spheres through proper institutions in place [like Jan Dhan Yojana];
Systematic delivery of all benefits only to the deserving [like gas subsidy linking it with Aadhar, bank accounts etc];
Time bound execution of all activities [like infrastructure projects, Electrification];
Transparent functioning [as in e-auctioning and e-tenders in coal];
Motivating and ensuring development of all sections of the society though programs like Digital India;
Giving incentives to important programs like Make in India etc through Mudra Banks etc;
Properly positioning powerful India in global perspective through relevant international relations;
States where BJP has lost elections will ensure seats for BJP in 2019 Delhi no raj and Bihar jungle raj.

Thank the paid media’s idiocy  and orchestra of intolerance for ensuring seats for BJP 2019.

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