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Monday, February 1, 2016

What is foreign in a globalized world? There is no need for Xenophobia especially on our Republic Day.

What is foreign in a globalized world? There is no need for Xenophobia especially on our Republic Day.

After all we are all species inhabiting the planet earth.

Simple principle is neither we should harm others nor let others harm us.

Being hospitable even to our enemies and giving refuge to them has been the Dharma of this land.

Though all these may sound empty philosophy devoid of practical political dynamics.

Though it is a mere idealistic wish that all human beings share with and care for each other still it is the best idealist wish one can think of .

If we observe the evolution of human societies and civilization all positive growth has happened only after or when human beings started recognizing, realizing, reciprocating and respecting people, cultures, things, arts, events happening in other places and understanding that all are inter related or inter connected  with or without liking it and either with willing acceptance or not.

Viruses invade causing trouble so they need to be checked but good bacteria invade they need to be welcomed and this is the law of nature. Discretion defines decisions not necessarily predefined positions.

Variety, differences, contrasting and contradictory states [inherent polarity principle] are part of nature; but mentally and psychologically dividing in any manner or constantly thinking in those lines is not good for any humane emancipation of humanity.

Even every fence defines and demarks a territory but acts as a connection.
I think we can allow French, Australian, Japanese, American, Russian armies etc to participate in our parade but not Pakistan army.

But if there is a natural calamity in Pakistan even Indian army will go and help. That is real humanism because both Indians and Pakistanis are ultimately human species with limited life spans why not help each other.

No value, virtue or vindication must be vulnerable to individual views or politicized projection though that could be the profession for some like certain media houses or livelihood and survival identity for some political outfits like AAP.

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