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Monday, February 15, 2016

Art of content writing

           Brief anatomy of content writing-design and development.

1.    There are no stereotypes to content. Content writing is a journey from conceptualizing to delivery with paying attention to appropriate micro details and providing a macro perspective to the recipient.

2.    Content must be structured in a process that evinces recipients’ interest, eject doubts and entice their entire attention.

3.    Content must be carefully carved context specific, topic specific, business specific, culture specific, subject specific and so on and so forth. So, content must be tailor- made according to the specific requirements.

4.    This also includes the degree or quantum of importance given or priority emphasized to certain aspects of content depending on whether the appeal has to be more to the emotions, intellect, interests, reasons, sentiments, passions, humor, philosophy, ideology and spicing it with anecdotes or stories or quotations.

5.    And based on the above factors one must decide whether there should be more images, more verbal communication, more illustrations, more audios and more videos.

6.    There are certain techniques to lure the initial attention by pandering to the confirmation bias of the targeted audience and then slowly slip them surreptitiously or lead them directly to the desired goal of the content depending on the situation.

7.    The techniques can be easily enhanced and embellished with enormous advantage of multiple modern technological tools.

8.    Data, facts, opinions, ideological innuendos, diplomatic terms, provocative expressions, statistical justifications, catchy slogans, scientific or philosophical reasoning, pleasing verbal seasoning are some of the ingredients used with references wherever is necessary.

9.    Content provider must conceptualize like an architect, create like an artist, construct like an engineer, carry on like a diplomat, cascade with verbosity like a lawyer but ultimately deliver the desired result like a sincere and successful surgeon.

10.This applies to most spheres be it content for publicity pamphlet of a product, scientific research paper, philosophical idea presentation, sacred sermon  delivering , political or film or play script writing or story or novel writing or article writing.

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