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Monday, February 22, 2016

Media Mafia and murky deeds

Let us not get misled by labels assigned by media to cover up truth.
There is no ‘activism’, it is a label used to mask and brain wash all gullible country men to believe it is so.

Let us not be naive. Reality is it is all international mafia with which our leftover Left, NGOs, Paid Media and some desperate political outfits which have no concern for either the nation or its citizens  operate India's ISIS i.e. Instigate and Sensationalize on Issues that are Sensitive.

They want to ensure Indians are always kept in poverty and ignorance without development so that they can continue to peddle the victim hood script with catchy and itchy slogans and nonchalant narratives of negativism as an ideology to nurture hatred against anyone who seriously works to develop the nation.

I would blame NSA and IB for not aggressively dismantling this malign cancer from Indian soil. Where are your drones, where are your spies, where are your informers....?

Please constantly do surveillance of all suspects and suspicious regions, hack their mails, social net works, mobiles and calls and follow their activities.

If you need please take lessons from Mossad and FBI.

Otherwise this malign cancer will spread its tentacle in all places with its various hues and colors Green pieces, Red chilies, White lies, Black deeds, Brown Guns [ Naxals & Maoist] Yellow journalism and paint whoever is checking these atrocities as Saffron.

If Government fails to treat the cancer then it cannot blame the cancer.

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