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Monday, February 22, 2016

Evolution is a marvelous map of metamorphosis

Evolution is a marvelous map of metamorphosis that happens in all spheres of life-humans and whole of nature.

Scientific discoveries decipher and deliver the details of this phenomenon.

However, we need to understand  that this metamorphosis, mutations, maturing are not confined to biological evolution alone but are prevalent and pervasive in all spheres of life in all its activities-including our ideas, thoughts, knowledge acquisitions, technological advancement and so on.

Here I would like everyone to benefit from perceiving better this process of evolutionary trends providing explanations to many activities and aspects of life by reading a wonderful book titled ‘The Seven Mysteries of Life’ by Guy Murchie.

The beauty of this book over that of other great and excellent scholars of evolutionary biology is that it is not written by an evolutionary biologist so is devoid of subject based confirmation bias and also peeps into all areas of life rather than merely confining to biological or physical realm alone.

This book has inspired me to look into or study any topic or subject without any ideological preconception at the same time not to omit studying the origins, history and contributory factors to and the purpose to the growth or development of the subject or topic.

Life is lively and is always in motion and evolution operates with its own dynamics to effect   changes constantly.

So, it is difficult to grab either one but we can grasp and understand the dynamics of both  through various methods and the loads of existing literature and documents available in various subjects.

Therefore life in all its wonder has to be enjoyed and lived and evolution in its entire splendor has to be experienced as an inevitable metamorphosis.

That’s why even any definition with axiomatic certitudes eludes what we mean by terms like Reality, Faith and Truth because everything in life, or to be precise life itself on the whole, is an unmapped atlas which gets its maps based on our choices, beliefs, actions, reactions, thoughts, attitudes and understanding and it is in our hands to make each one of these continents as great and as good as possible.

The beauty of life consists in the unknowns and the unending searches and researches –the unending process of evolutionary trends in everything.

Here I would like to share some of my observations and a very limited selection of some readings that I have enjoyed.


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