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Monday, February 1, 2016

Technology and Knowledge for Unity

Technology and Knowledge for Unity.

Well done using optimum utilization of technology.

I think the next big work of Omnilexica could be, if possible to sensitize people about words used for various nice region specific cultural activities like certain events and festivals as this could make its own impact in terms of understanding, if not a t least aware of, globally happening various and different activities in different parts of the word.

This impact can gradually contribute some factors to create unity and harmony based on better understanding with greater knowledge. It would act as social, emotional and psychological factor to manifest the fact of human inter-relatedness and inter- connectedness.

For example all over India we celebrate with a holiday a festival of actual thanksgiving to nature ,about which I wrote long back in my  old name as karthikeyan for an Australian website.

 and I also would like to share another long write up on unity, peace and harmony

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