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Monday, February 8, 2016

Peer pressure or overall social pressures that lead to stereotypes.

Peer pressure or overall social pressures that lead to social stereotypes.

BE or MBBS or CA or Law, along with socially approved and locally appreciated extracurricular activities,  followed by 50 k plus salary, followed by car EMI, marriage and then buying a house.

These are the major components of prevailing market stereotypes.

If girls additional item Gold is added to the list.

Life is mostly made to be lived without personal reflections, without carefree enjoyment devoid of obsession with goals, without adventures and some risks, without any ventures.

None of these are part of life's experience nowadays.

A time table is set and everyone is expected to go through the preset motions of existence [within the prescribed time table] without living life.

Even passions are socio-culturally prescribed.

So, no wonder most of the present generation has lost the joy of living.

The spontaneous cheerfulness and humane relationship without inhibition are missing and they are replaced by measured reactions and ritualistic and hypocritical acknowledgments to please others.

I wrote this A- Z free verse for a student's magazine in 1991. 

It is very sad that a whole generation is made to lead this zoo fed animal like or caged bird like existence.

Excessive emphasis of all these based on mere monetary affluence at the cost of enjoying life which [of course with self discipline, without being immoral, with self respect emanating from the strength of inner self, clear observation, clarity of understanding and self confidence, more importantly all these irrespective of any academic excellence] drives in more pressures and leads to lack of peace later on in the individual as well as the family and society at large, lack of gratitude, lack of trust  ,no qualms about cheating on anyone etc.

We fail to realize for a minute neither our health is  dependent of specialist doctors and nor our food  on number of agricultural scientists, though their role is equally important but even much before they came into picture we were getting good food. Imagine if all the paddy fields in India have to wait for clearance and approval by agricultural scientists.

On the whole joy of simple living and humble attitudes coupled with adventurous spirits has been replaced with the implantation of supposedly more secure and safe options which have undoubtedly produced many useful, not necessarily capable and clever, but useful and reasonable entities for others.

Most things are compromised for all extraneous considerations which have nothing to do with life intrinsically.

This reminds me of George Bernard Shaw’s famous observation:-

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.
The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself.

All progress depends upon the unreasonable man”.

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