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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blank page, Language, Writing and Literature

Blank page, Language, Writing and Literature

Blank page indeed invites a romantic mood and motivates us to weave various patterns with a great tool called language and great activity called writing.

In brief language is the queen of sciences and king of arts because all arts and sciences can be expressed and explained fully; enjoyed and experienced at least to a certain extent through langue.

Language helps better understanding of many things. 

So there is no need to explain further as from religious scriptures to political speeches to all scripts, to research findings to song lyrics are weaved out of words of some language.

The greatness of language over any other medium like music, painting, science and so on is its unhindered, unlimited access to any or many or almost all dimensions of life known and perceivable to human beings.

In that aspect language is omnipotent in its influence and impact.

As a medium it uses two methods Oral [speaking] and written [writing].

Whether it is used to express and explain thoughts, ideas, concepts, facts, events, actions, reactions, feelings, imagination, stories, discoveries, descriptions, fantasies, social, religious, cultural systems, dreams are all determined by the favorite frame of reference of the speaker or writer.

Whatever is the frame of reference it is wrong and very narrow to generalize writings, all writings as having something to do with some political ideology or emanating out of some ideological basis alone.

There cannot be more degrading view about writing.

One person’s writings on any subject/topic may manifest a tinge of or totality of some regional culture; another’s may manifest a tinge of or totality of some local festival; another’s may manifest a tinge of or totality of the fantasies he/she dreams of; another’s may manifest a tinge of or totality of rational /philosophical approach in everything.

The hall mark of most ancient literature has been the unbiased, unconditioned and board minded expression in any topic they chose, never shunning anything out of any bias, that’s why as a civilization, perhaps Bharath as it was known then or India as it is called now, was the first country to have a detailed discussion even in atheism through scriptures. This link above contains a great observation on literature by a very scholarly living Saint from India

The following link leads to lot of other links, all containing many debates on various aspects of languages in general and some specific beauties and controversies in some languages. In short it gives a glimpse into the entire gamut of languages and I keep updating this link with all my latest postings related to language issues.

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