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Sunday, February 14, 2016

values and liberty

Key values like liberty

1. Read History for a United World by a great historian called Dance. He writes very clearly that originally the word ‘liberty’ and ‘liberal’ meant 'special privilege' and it was mostly used ‘exclusively for the aristocrats and nobles’ in olden days.

[ Incidentally he was one of those historians who wrote very great about India in a small book] So the word ‘liberty’ must have been something like our present day Indian usage of ‘secularism’ or ‘masala’.

2. Semantics of any word is again to be applied or understood with regard to contextual relevance. I am giving certain links in order not to unnecessarily repeat them.

3. I was extremely pleased when MODI said at UN ‘first we must define what ‘terrorism’ is? If we cannot define how can we fight it?”

4. All words especially abstract ones acquire too many connotations and the onus is on the user to use appropriate sieves and filter.

5. How you define 'key values'

6. If it is ‘key’ then what it is going to unlock?

7. Who manufactures the keys and with what?

8. Just now I finished posting to a group of lawyers the following in my FB.

9. But we must remember one thing whomsoever we are debating about or suggesting something to or criticizing, whether be it a scientist, artist, lawyer, teacher ,politician or  judge  they are basically human beings- which means a biochemical entity called as our physical body, but slightly evolved than other species because we as social creatures are expected to function by using, in addition to our basic physical urges, our psychological perceptions and intellectual capacities which influence/influenced by and impact/impacted by many factors some of which are acquired by us by conscious choice some through our socio -cultural environs;

Some get into our system unconsciously through various means and all these shape/shaped by our beliefs, prejudices, attitudes, reactions etc.

10. Above all these as a species we have the extraordinary advantage of conscious awareness to recollect what we remember and what are all documented for our reference, so we need not use lot of energy trying to redo or rethink or try anew many things.

11. So, all these as a combo makes every human being in any position susceptible to certain vulnerabilities, the variation is only in degrees.

12. It is so complex that we may mistake contentions and pretensions for intentions.

13. Science has developed tools to even follow what we are thinking but not what our intentions are.

14. We must remember therefore that judges too are after all human beings.

However, there are certain set norms and natural humanitarian attitudes which everyone is expected to exhibit, more so people who are entrusted with certain higher responsibilities.

15. Emphasis must be more on impregnating the self with values rather than merely appropriating labels and assigning motives superficially.

16. That's why the sages and saints made whatever was good for the individual and society as part of life.

17. Because anything that is part of life expresses itself in specific context with contextual relevance.

18. For example any thirsty man knocks at your door and asks for water you will give it as a spontaneous reaction.

19. We need a composed mind, I wrote this for a debate started by a group of clinical psychiatrists who are now counseling students and corporate clients

20. Some days back I tweeted the following to the well known writer Pritish Nandy for his tweet

"Our national weaknesses: - deifying or denying; showing unloving criticism & uncritical love and emotionalizing everything”.

21. Ultimately debates and reactions do not get things done they just spill and spit more ideas, words and emotions, some of which are good, useful and entertaining sometimes but not always.

22. We must go about doing what we want , what we can and of course what we are destined to without hurting anyone or at least those who matter to us and not bothering too much about advises from anyone or any source if it defies logic, reason and humanitarianism.

23.  Tolerance
24.  If at all there is an impulse to take any advice remember this
                 " George Bernard Shaw is reported to have said

          "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.
             The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself.
             All progress depends upon the unreasonable man”

25. Ajathi Vada will  provide more answers than any science or scripture. “Ajathi Vada is based out and out on incisive logic and unbiased Self-inquiry (i.e. you have   to examine your own mind and belief systems in order to arrive at the final answer). Ajati vada is spelt out in his Karika on Mandukya Upanishad. The subtle and the Ultimate kernel of all Upanishadic teachings is this Ajativada only. This is the final message of Sage Vasishta in the 32,000 sloka strong Yogavaasishta as well.

26. Ramana Maharshi, Nisargasdatta Maharaj, J Krishanmurti, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Jillellamudi Amma, Mata Amritananda Mayi, a host of other teachers of Non-duality speak of Ajativada.
 Ajati vada means "Nothing is ever born!!!" by sri Ramesam the author of                             

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