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Monday, February 1, 2016

The great gender blunder



The great gender blunder

Science also cannot and must not come out with tailor made results to suit anyone’s ideological or attitudinal problem or pander to either confirm or reject populist views.

The problem is one of how we react socially, psychologically, ideologically and culturally.

The problem is our resorting to discrimination and biases based on these.

We need not either deify [though that is a very deserving aspect] nor deny women right to participate in any area of activity merely based on gender either out of concern or out of a predetermined position that one may take.

The social psychology works like this:-

The moment we isolate any group, for whatever reason or justification, and classify them for some special attention or treatment we resort to or tend to look through [based on our own inbuilt identities and our willingness or unwillingness to relate to such group/s] sometimes with a magnifying glass, sometimes with a micro scope, sometimes with a telescope etc and scrutinize in depth.

This very process distorts our perception about the group and we come up with multiple dogmas and from then on it is the dogmas that we discuss, debate and deal with and almost forget or push into background the issue or person or thing or group for which or about which such dogmas were established. 

However let us not forget that the evolutionary process in the genesis of social dogmas has no end. In this case it is Feminism.

Listen to this very interesting and scholarly discussion on gender by a group of very sane and scientific minds based on evolutionary biology .

Very interesting group discussion on evolution especially with reference to gender
The Darwin Debate: Steven Pinker, Jonathan Miller, Steve Jones and Meredith Small - BBC


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