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Sunday, February 7, 2016



There are certain universal mantras from which no one can veer away humanity’s preference they are change and the constantly changing context created by that change along with its many concomitant characters like comforts, convenience, benefits, utility, profit, happiness, pleasure etc.

All wisdom and value systems must be woven around these universal mantras or at least relevant to these. Otherwise something else will replace all values, wisdom, principles, practices etc.

The most important wisdom is to make the necessary adjustments to emerging changes and contexts
Time and change have become inevitable part of our life because through them, either as measuring tools or as describing our observations, we grasp or try to express and explain the inevitable metamorphosis of life.

The only reality is life unfolding itself constantly through various manifestations of metamorphosis.

All the rest are ambiences of life [as Jaggi Vasudevji says because there are dimensions of life beyond the logically definable parameters] or accretions that we choose to understand life.

First great biologist Darwin, I would prefer to call him the father of evolutionary biological science-who incidentally advocated the theory of natural selection, because he laid the first blue print for such a specialized study [some of them may be wrong or all of them could be disputed and radically changed], and he had the honesty and humility to declare, “Variation proposes and selection disposes.”

Evolution goes about its jobs unmindful of whatever we do or do not do, that decides and determines everything including our birth and death as biochemical organisms which are bound decay or die or reorganize or reborn or recreate into something else eventually.

While innards and inherent qualities are inevitable and beyond our choice, at least, our utilization of strengths /reactions to shortcomings can be sane and more sensible, that is what must be the attempt of any subject be it philosophy, spiritual science or pure science.

Again talking about evolution, a very interesting and vast subject by its very meaning indicates the innards of all species with inevitable strengths as well as short comings, rather embedded contradictions. 

The best we can do with all our brains and technological advancements available at our disposal to minimize/compensate for our weaknesses like starting from using basic tools to using spectacles to implanting stunts and pace makers for heart problems to name a few.

As Guy Murchie declares, “Evolution itself is an open ended and indeterminate process”… “Given the remarkable progress in our understanding of biochemistry, molecular biology, and evolution as a whole … we have failed to develop concepts, ideas, even a language that could capture the dance of this life” 

Here is a list of very worthy articles available fortunately free on the 
net [ incidentally I have all his works along with all the works of other evolutionary biologist like Richard Dawkins and the great Guy Murchie’s ‘ the Seven Mysteries of Life ‘ and I wish for a more comprehensive understanding one must also read Kathleen Taylor’s ‘The Brain Supremacy’ Walter Gratzer’s ‘Giant molecules’, Frank Close’s ‘The Infinity Puzzle’ and most importantly Tirumoolar’s Tirumanthiram,  Vilayanur S. RAMACHANDRAN and for a more sane philosophical and rational non religious outlook  also read Neale Donald  Walsch, JK, Osho, Bertrand Russell etc

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