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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Simple education

How can we achieve Simple education in skills and knowledge with meaningful personal, social and spiritual contribution?
1. Simple education in skills and knowledge with meaningful personal, social and spiritual contribution can be achieved without grand assumptions, great philosophical projections and grandiose jargon filled land mines of academic discussions.
2.When we emphasis the word simple we need to steer clear of all that go to complicate education and confuse our perception.
3. We need both knowledge and skills and we also need skillful usage of knowledge and knowledge based skills.
4.Both these can happen when we have childlike, inhibition free curiosity to learn and natural humility to observe persons, things, ideas and events as they are, without being judgmental.
5. Finally all these must be encapsulated in colorful clarity of understanding by using constraint [identity-based] free frames of reference and bias free broader perspective to perceive.
6. We also need to consciously push aside all types of preconceived filtering mechanism that influence our approach and disable us to observe the totality of anything, anyone or any situation.
7. Because when our observation itself is partial or preconceived how can we expect our reasoning and understanding to be perfect?
8. With broader perspective we experience the joy of living with the spontaneous cheerfulness and humane relationship without inhibition and break free from our measured reactions and ritualistic and hypocritical acknowledgments to please others or merely exist to fulfill obligations of family, society, profession and so on.
9. Understanding life and the joy of experiencing living as whole are simultaneous activities which need not necessarily be squeezed into any specific or particular intellectual bandwidth or classified in known or assigned or appropriated labels.

10. However, bandwidth based compartmentalization; classification of life and by extension education is necessitated in specific fields of activities to enable us to execute them with greater specialization and expertise. 

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