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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Menace of media mafia against India

Menace of media mafia against India

Sorry folks this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately it is a huge international mafia that operates.

The dynamics of international political mafia's operations are tough to understand and tougher to handle.

Their operations are highly sophisticated and manipulations are done through insiders and mass opinions molding industry which generates perception bias.

There are some interesting documentaries free on the net each running into minimum of 2.30 hours but you learn the history of a few generations and how the atlas can be really shrugged and geographical barriers thrown out of the equation totally in an age of great connectivity.

There is a lot more that is rotten with many institutions including media and hoards of self proclaimed intelligentsia which is funded by forces inimical to India's growth and development.

There are many other unpleasant facts omitted about media here. Just do a check on NewsX karthikeya sharma brother of notorious murderer and son of Cong MP.

Even media houses with pronounced political affiliation we can either welcome or ignore as per our wish but the real poison is the leftover Left of India which dominates this arena of mass opinion molding industry called media.

The hope is social media.

I have been writing reams and reams of material on the menace of media mafia. The most unfortunate thing is in India there is good media too but they are either not visible or people do not choose them. why can't people start a movement to stop buying newspapers like The Hindu, stop watching channels like NDTV, India Today, Times NOW etc.

Don't worry in a short time from now FB will be flashing important news items like Flipboard the work is going on. That's why they started criticizing Mark's meeting with MODI too much and are also sponsoring articles against twitter's impact.

Modi correctly prioritizing rectifying all that is wrong with India:–poverty, lack of governance &hygiene etc

Addressing issues relating to the wrongs caused to India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization are not the priority.

Reforms involve restructuring which disturbs status quo addicts whose profits and prominence get reduced.

However the present Government did two great mistakes:-

One , the government has failed in informing in easily understandable terms and educating the public about the long terms benefits, inevitable changes and short term inconveniences in the forms of adjustments to be made to achieve those long term goals etc or probably it was too naïve to believe that media would be interested in imparting information in national interest and still not investigating scam of UPA Govt using tax payers’ money to sponsor the trips abroad along with PM MMS of only certain select private media houses why? And also why government has not yet probed all links of all media personalities because of their pronounced anti- India tirade? These must be done in national interest because the media is a greater security threat both internally and internationally.

Two, failed to put a gag on all outfits that are trying in all seriousness or claiming to address issues relating to the wrongs caused to India over wrong portrayals of India and its civilization. These are not our priority now and the worst part is these activities become a very easy tool for media that assigns labels, propels propaganda and tags everything to the government in power; even the ones engineered by their pay masters and these also give room to divide Indian society to facilitate consolidated vote banks of divided groups.

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