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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Governance, VIF,

Good that many are unraveling many myths and also exposing many anti-national operators.

Happy at last institutions like VIF get to play various roles as research and resource provider as well as impartial referee to governance- now that India has governance at last.

But everyone has to realize the inherent weaknesses and difficulties of running a nation which has never included good governance, economic development and removing functional anarchy as part of government.

We all need patience and also realize the facts that drastic changes over night are not possible in a country which misuses and abuses the rights of democracy especially through underground drainage passages like media houses and NGOs.

We need to give more credit to Modi than criticism because

I feel unless one actively plays politics one becomes a prey to the masked predators of politics like media.

If the country has to prosper economically without too much of trouble then the Government must trace and trap all media dealings, deals, and nexus and expose them. 

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