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Saturday, February 6, 2016

BCCI , CRICKET -Generate lot of 'C' so it is debated in SC

Well meaning suggestions must be always welcomed in any domain of activity, more so if it is a very popular one or of national importance.

While doing so, certain important aspects must be looked into like whether there is anything against human  or social welfare, unconstitutional , legally not acceptable according to the laws of the land, infringes on the privacy  of people involved in the activity, whether anything anti-national, or non compliance with the rules and regulations governing the activity.

1. No one known to me is holding any post in BCCI.

2. Does BCCI misuse any public office?

3. Does it misuse any public money?

4. Does it evade taxes?

5. Is it engaged in money laundering?

6. Is it involved in any anti social activity?

7. Does its activity pollute the natural environment?

8. Does it harass cricketers?

9. Is it involved in fraudulent activities?

10. Does it promote any anti- national, unconstitutional, religious sentiments hurting, culturally censorable and illegal activity?

11. Can the court or even bar association fix lawyers' fee for any case?

12. Can they insist only certain lawyers can argue certain cases?

13. Can anyone say that one cannot act as a judge in not more than two courts or not more than 3 years?

14. BCCI is a glorified and of course profitable and very successfully run sporting event management cum regulatory authority that has enabled the sports to be conducted as an attractive venture for all cricketers across the globe.

15. So, as an organization it must be helped, if necessary by even government for its great work and not troubled by irrelevant and unprofitable administrative changes and unnecessary scrutiny wasting valuable time of  senior judges and all the stake holders at whose  money![is it tax payers or BCCI]

16. Can courts or any judicial authority dictate totally unregulated great money spinning popular activity like Bollywood and insist that film stars must be paid only this much, only some people can direct certain movies and that to not more than 3 films a year

17. Can courts fix age limit for all lawyers to do any type of legal work and also prevent them from sitting in committees or corporate events.

18. Can courts fix remuneration of film stars, doctors, auditors, priests of all religions, artists and advocates?

19. Populist rants, a very effective tool of anchor room sermons must not tarnish the legal profession especially the highest court of the land which every citizen respects as a highest citadel of deciding the right and wrong.

20.  CriCket, BcCi and sC are involved in disproportionte debate because
Corporate involvement, commercial activities and common man’s interests all these three together generate lot of  ‘C’ which alone is being seen, yes you guessed it right cash.

21. What about many other sports bodies where only office bearers make money and of course Bollywood too made money by making movies portraying ill treatment of sports persons in other sports

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