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Monday, February 1, 2016

Poly tricks of politics and victim hood

From Viipuri to Vemula it is all about poly tricks of politics and victimhood peddling as a political tool to whip up passions is one of the oldest weapon of mass suppression.

However, we also need to address various socio-psychological, cultural and educational aspects of our society, I mean Indian society at large has to be addressed with proper perspective without any prejudice as the jaundice of presumptions and perversions prevail, in fact more subtly promoted by many labeled intellectuals.

This malady seems to be a global phenomenon with multiple forms of manifestations at different places with varying degrees of intensity, violence, aggression, cowardly display of emotional imbalances.

Very often the most vulnerable people are the adolescents who can be easily manipulated and those who have not matured/out grown their adolescent mind sets.

The political players usually assign labels like secular, communal etc and appropriate historically useful names and spice it with media sponsored slogans. This is a very strong intoxicating cocktail instigating idiotic activities.

They create isolated islands of ideologies, mostly negative and made to see the whole world as enemies and promote well furnished identity cages with appealing labels of victimhood.

So to recapitulate the web of issues involved are the building blocks for certain political and religious outfits to build their edifice.

These aspects/blocks have to be studied, understood and addressed rather than merely reacting to media headlines which will turn soon to Tamil Nadu and Punjap with newly sponsored spectacles as dictated by their political pay masters.

By now the script is obvious as some political outfits and vested interest groups are not comfortable with the idea of progressing India towards economic prosperity and are therefore resorting to all these.

However, it is the duty of educated, matured and sincere citizens to take a deeper look into the root causes of the diseases and try to address them in all earnestness.

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