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Monday, February 1, 2016

AAP and LKG rhyme

If private school were allowed to be manipulated by AK someone had prepared a special alphabet teaching booklet for LKG –
Loath Kejeriwal Government.
A for anarchy starting from high jacking Anna movement
B for Bangalore treatment resort
C for cough in public
D for diverting public attention and destroying Delhi
E for enacting political dramas
F for finding fault with everyone else
G for grounding Delhi’s progress to a halt.
H for hypocritical stand on all issues
I for I can decide on anything and for everyone attitude
J for jeopardizing any growth or development
K for keeping all looters around
L for leaving lokpal pals and Lieutenant Governor in dark about major decisions
M for media promoted masks of a leader with muffler
N for nefarious links
O for oppose everything but no one can oppose me
P for pushing out popular lawyers and protecting the rest
Q for questioning central government’s every positive move
R for receiving foreign donations to create trouble inside India
S for searching for political mileage in troubled waters with silly comments
T for tacit support of all anti national activities
U for U turn specialist and UPA’s representative
V for victimhood projecting political ideology peddler
W for watching movies before release
X for x- raying to find opportunities to create trouble
Y for Yogendra Yadav kicking

Z for zero governance.

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