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Monday, February 1, 2016

Environment and Nature

Environment and nature –we must feel/have a sense of being part of them  

Unfortunately balanced views on environment are lacking in India and perhaps in most parts of the world.

The ordinary citizens especially small children and youth are confused because the views on environment run amuck like a bewildered squirrel caught in forest fire jumping from one branch to another branch, amid branches  of extremes of either total indifference or meaningless activism for publicity in the name of environmental protection or over enthusiastic deep knowledge based output which only specialist in the field can understand or collating data from somewhere to everywhere or to everything or peddling voluminous comparative dry data.

It is all the more complicated because we grow up, especially in urban places far removed from the natural nature/environment  -this is different from artificial landscaping or funded horticultural activities- though they are needed as something is better than nothing.

In this scenario what is required is primarily paying attention, observing and wherever possible to tune in with the splendors of nature and natural environment.

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