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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mob mentality promoted by media

Mob mentality of paranoia or obsession- root cause.

Major reason for paranoiac or obsessive mob mentality, besides the old and well known institutions based on certain ideology, is identity orientation mostly promoted to obsessive levels by media propaganda and projection with selective amnesia and collective indifference.

For example we can classify most media articles of most media houses under Victim hood projection, negativity peddling with an over dose of obvious leftistideological base and garnished with lot of political overtones and ideological undercurrents wrapped in a packet with some sickening popular labels like projection of social causes or fighting for equality or vigilante socialism or funded activism and so on.

They assign and appropriate labels ,distort the meaning of powerful words. Look for scandal in every thing or scandalize everything. Prioritize sensationalism over sense., whipping up passions over promoting perception.

‘Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty’ ‘ Valid criticism is a welcome balance’. But vigilance is not suspicious nagging or sickening scrutiny ad nauseam or continuous scratching to cause a wound or create an irritation emanating out of an itch to gain cheap publicity.

While politicians are busy making decisions and framing policies and delivering programs and projects in national interest.

Bureaucrats, judges, police, military, scientists, educationists, experts and so on are busy cooperating and facilitating and fine tuning those activities of government.

But unfortunately so called pseudo self proclaimed know all and judge all media persons and many other activists who go by several names and labels, some with good intentions and many with hidden agenda and ulterior motives, resort to too much of unsolicited and unnecessary questions and de-motivating and discouraging scrutiny of everything and everyone else with very deep levels of decadent discussions.

These bunches are the social equivalent of Sarcoptes Scabiei with short life span but can create enough itching and destroy the very fabric of mind set of the people through their brain washing techniques.

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