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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Activity enhancement and revenue generation

Activity enhancement and revenue generation through google- a small suggestion from Chennai.

I think we can make our operations extremely useful, more interesting and informative with micro details.

However I feel it has to be and can be enhanced further by the following aspects along with better commercial returns greater presence and visibility across a wide spectrum of activities.
In an era where internet is the most accessed/ easily accessible and in many cases authentic source of information influencing many activities connected with life.

1.     Injecting some more regional information of the past.

2.     Creating an interesting photo gallery of the past and present with high quality professional photography .

3.     Attractive one page visual presentation through mind maps with reference links of embedded,

4.     Information on available raw material resources and  skilled labour available leading to providing information for businessmen, industrialists, entrepreneurs to explore commercial activities and trade.

5.     Information on agricultural produce and business opportunities based on that because a large portion of India’s agricultural produce, especially perishable commodities are going waste for want of food processing industries , ware houses and good transport facilities near places of cultivation along with excess of  obstructionist vested interest lobbies nearby.

6.     Digitally we can make it available for a fee category wise:-
              A] Information for traders, businessmen and industrialists etc
              B] Investors and importers
              C] Academic research institutes etc

7.     In India we can make a special preferably android application linked to GPRS so anyone going to a particular area if he clicks on he will get automatically all relevant information along with a link to sites like

8.     We can also go in for well profiled targeted group wise product marketing like region specific, festival specific etc as these types of marketing strategies sell well in India.

9.     We have all the necessary professional, skilled   and qualified work force in India.

10.  Especially with Digital India policy/program of our Prime Minister finding a venture capitalist/ funders for these types of activities would be easier. We can even work with each and every state government organization on this and probably include even additional service of maintenance of  records of individual citizens by creating individual accounts for them with a password and through our access to that data we can make a huge business

11.  Because all the multiple online sales portals starting from Amazon to Flipkart to Ebay are making a huge business out of initial euphoria of online shopping but their marketing is not focused and hence in my view may not sustain in the long run.

12.  Indians in general prefer personal and personalized attention and all Indian institutions work on tie ups with adequate kick backs.

13.  There are many big institutions with well spread infrastructure, some of them government organizations and  public sector corporations  whose physical facilities are  underutilized and therefore available for use. For example Amazon uses Indian postal services in many cases where someone manufactures something somewhere, someone imports/ stocks them and Indian postal service delivers them to the ultimate customer/consumer/buyer  and Amazon makes money using all these in addition to of course the hardware , software and servers provided by someone else.

14.   I feel for all the info that you already have, all that we need is further updates and we can even think of further tie ups with other small or big players for  modified and updated venture.

15.  How I came across
I found information on Indian districts very inadequate so decided to do a mind map and also a blog of each district of India. I did one recently on Ariyalur district of TN then alphabetically moved on to the next one Chennai and I wanted to do one for each pincode or area of Chennai and in the process I was meticulously browsing on various websites that gave some reference material I came across wiki2.

16.   Here are some sample works I have done on some districts

17.  Here are some of my other Mindmaps based blog posts

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