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Saturday, April 4, 2009



                                 WOMEN OF INDIA
I see you always adjusting your sarees and bangles,
Always adjusting your activities and attitudes,
Attitudes, beliefs and behaviour,
Behaviour to conform and cater to ,
Cater to the duties and demands,
Demands of everyone,
Everyone's fuss and fancies,
Fancies of greatness and goodness,
Goodness towards husband and humanity,
Humanity's incorrigible inequality,
Inequality that jails,
Jails womankind,
Kind of luring,
Luring by man and his mania,
Mania to nail or neglect,
Neglect your occupations and operations,
Operations to procreate and provide,
Provide to satisfy everyone and quench,
Quench without rest and reciprocation,
Reciprocation of sobriety and service,
Serving with tranquility and tolerance,
Tolerance even towards unloving users,
Users of vulgarity and violence,
Violence to wreck the well-being of women;
Women's xenodochy,
Xenodochy towards all, and yielding,
Yielding to all the society's zigzag perversions,
Zigzagging your life and zeroing your life's enjoyments.
Women of India you continue to adjust,
Without bothering if it is just.

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