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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love India.

                                    I love India.

The word Love is a universal live wire used for everything from the silly to the supreme.

Unfortunately the word ‘love’ it is used as a transitive verb.

So, naturally we love some external object or some aspect of what we love.

But every love and everyone’s love has a unique chemistry to it.

That’s why the same thing or person is loved for different reasons, at several levels and varying degrees of intensity.

But real love with total intensity and intense totality goes beyond the external things and becomes one with the spirit and soul of the beloved.

It is this real love that I have with India, to be more precise Indianness.

My love for India is not bound by its real estate map from Kashmir to Kanyakumari or Bengal to Baroda, it is not based on the pride of its rich cultural heritage, it is not based on achievements that India has made in various fields, it is not based on any ethnocentric love for its past glory, it is not determined by loads of data or information downloaded from the internet but by the inner self that has merged with the spirit of Bharat Mata.

My love for India is because it has what I have in me and what every human being has in him that is Spirituality, the life force. Whatever one may choose to call it as, it is a manifestation of colorful vibrant life energy.

Vibrant life energy is the strength, source and soul of India. It is this spirituality which is the only hope for future of humanity.

Bones and flesh can join and make a human body but the life force that gets added inside go on to make a human being.

Similarly a great country is made by its spiritual vibrations and not merely by its material advancements, though material needs are of primary importance for the survival aspect of life and therefore cannot be over looked.

There is life or jeevan in anything that is Indian. There is the manifestation of this divine spiritual force in anything and everything that is Indian, imbuing everything with a UNIQUE INDIANNESS, be it the great and unique classical music, varied cultures, rich religious heritage, great philosophies, natural resources with the maximum number of different temperature zones, great saints and sages, and in the cheerfulness of the humble and honest folks.

This is what Francois Gautier another similar lover of India has written, “the greatness of India is spiritual. Spiritualism is India's gift to this planet in this century: to restore to the world its true sense, to recharge humanity with the real meaning and spirit of life.”


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