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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Technology and change

The Topic

The problem is that we fail to acknowledge that ‘Technology is religion and gadgets are the new gods’

“We live in a changing universe, and few things are changing faster than our conception of it”-Timothy Ferris

But Professor, please note that MSM is finding you to be communal and doing injustice to them. Only last week Honorable MP Sitaram Yetchury declared to the ever enthusiastic secular media that ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ will not generate jobs [I think CITU does]. They prefer him to Bharathan or Raja because the TV channels feel that these two may along with biting English words also end up biting the mike sets.

The problem with science and technology is that they have displaced vague inanities and also inane vagueness in many matters and thus have deprived many of their livelihoods and some of their entertainment.

Some morbid minds and manipulative minds manage to  unite the luddites of the world with appealing slogans, as Murphy’s law says ‘ a good slogan can block reasoning and thinking forever’ by advancing arguments like Ronald Reagan used to do with his famous one liners, “ I notice that everyone in favor of abortion has already been born”.

The influence and impact of technology is too obvious and it has also cleared many areas of confusion which even great academic scholars like Colin McGinn is to express, “ The head spins in theoretical disarray; no explanatory model suggest itself; bizarre ontologies loom. There is a feeling of intense confusion, but no clear idea about where the confusion lies”.

However, the mind set of status quo addicts, who suffer from the usual conflict generating impulse [of projecting differences out of inherent polarity] suffer from pessimistic closures of cognition. This becomes more dangerous and becomes contagious when peddled through political or religious ideologies.

Even the so called advanced societies and organization are susceptible to this, Drucker Forum’s theme this year was Claiming Our Humanity — Managing in the Digital Age’ for which I wrote this

[A bit lengthy with lot of links in it but those who have time can read and hopefully reap something out of it]

Various political systems, albeit with some short comings, have accelerated the establishment of living together of human species as social beings with some specific patterns benefiting growth of civilization as function organization.

Art, literature, religion, culture, philosophy etc have accelerated, expanded and in some cases enhanced human thinking, imagination, idea etc to contribute to various facets of human life organizing it to function efficiently.

Science has helped human beings to explore, to experiment and to understand rationally and also use that understanding for betterment of all life forms, including environment. Technology has accelerated this process and brought the benefits to various spheres of life.

You also will have to expand your visual arena and take note of things in the attic of museums of fossil genetic samples wherein you can find the leftover Indian Left’s ideology like Yetchury’s excellent observation and ruthlessly dismiss them because otherwise IIM may have a secular student union which may get activated if they want to divert attention of the nation through MSM.

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