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Sunday, October 25, 2015


RTI on money spent on Govt awards and ceremonies for them divert them to village development, Govt need not run any Film institute start good research labs instead.

Privacy, privacy where are you? are you up above the world so high with Omnipresent cameras, clairvoyant media, every minute updates in social media, MSMs enthusiasm to generate selective sensationalism and all these disseminated in a jiffy through handsets.

So, I think except in matters not meant for public consumption where is privacy? Or the need for it?

So, if benefits to common man, institutional functionality, requirements of scrutinizing institutions and investigative agencies etc are facilitated then these very reasons far outweigh the need for certain imported notions of privacy where you can do everything in public but cannot bath your own small child inside your house or let your own family members know your health problems.

I think we are a decent enough society, and sometimes hypocritical enough society [with very healthy public posturing and opinions and filthy intentions and private lives beneath them] to know what to reveal and what to hide.

Some media houses seem to know even all our military intelligence details, with their telescopes and microscopes whose scope of operation shrinks like a snail into its shell and fail to locate the whereabouts when some people are absent from parliament.

Misuse or abuse of power and position in politics or for that matter in any field depends on the individual.

Then what about MSMs conjectures, false projections, multiple trials without verification etc.

Facilitation of delivery of benefits to common man, institutional functionality far outweighs the need for certain imported notions of privacy.

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