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Sunday, October 25, 2015

IT for security in highways

Prevention is better than cure.
Preparedness is better than prevention .
Macro perspective based attentive implementation of micro aspects is the best form of preparedness .
Constant monitoring can prevent catastrophic impact of calamities.
                                                                                      A dozen suggestions.
1. Fit low cost CCTV camera in front & back of vehicles linked to portal- help insurance, police department, alert nearest ambulance service.
2. Small drones can be sent to clear traffic for ambulance & also provide first aid materials
3. Wherever possible use helicopters to lift the injured.
4. Fit with automatic sensors to vehicles for explosives hidden inside.
5. Fit car, bus, truck roofs with solar panels to be used as alternative energy resource.
6. All these can be made mandatory for all new vehicles and old vehicles can be given time frame to comply with these.
7. These can check traffic violations, track and curtail terrorist activities.
8. With permission of Civil Aviation ministry satellite and drones must be used extensively to track movements of terror outfit and suspicious moments.
9. Excessive policing and monitoring are necessary for a highly populated country like India, especially at excessive policing and monitoring in all crowded areas like malls, markets, theatres, places of worship, tourist spots etc
10. All these monitoring devices can also help disseminating availability of various products and resources in different places.
11. Can also look at possibility of linking up some of these services with Google maps, relevant activity oriented places, for example nearby police station, hospital etc and use Indian postal department for delivering certain items in emergency.
12. All street lights, medians can be fitted with unbreakable CCTV cameras and most of these services can be outsourced through tender after determining relevant quantities. 

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