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Sunday, October 11, 2015

International Day of the Girl Child

          International Day of the Girl Child

Various issues connected with girls need to be looked into and whole world needs to be educated that a girl is also a human being only then we can ensure that girls get educated.

As daughters and as women when they advance in age and take up different roles or perhaps assigned various roles in most societies.

Throughout history we see them undergoing many hurdles most of which are clandestinely slipped in through hypocrisies and hidden agenda of  social bias and most of it in the name of tradition, culture, religion etc.

Most of these are ingrained through centuries of indoctrination based on either inadequate knowledge of difference between biology and gender or purposeful exploitation perpetrated on a more tolerant gender.

Treatments, taboos and tortures vary from territory to territory but they are there.

We need to generate lot of actual data on societies which have prospered due to educating the girls.
First we need to learn a lot more about sex and gender; the various sexes and possible genders; each gender’s unique problems and powers; in short we need to socially evolve into more tolerant beings.

I would like all to go through these interesting and informative links to know more about gender

[Especially do not miss to read the comments section in the above link as there are many excellent revelations]

I have noted below some observations as and when they occurred to me when either I came across some issue in some debate, article or in personal life and penned down my thoughts.

This I wrote when I came across people treating girls not as human beings

This I wrote when I saw daughters were treated with bias

This I wrote when I when I noticed how no one showed any concern about the massive biological inconvenience called menstrual period occurs. 

This I wrote when I there were objections to fashion parades in the late 80s

This I wrote when I felt there were a whole lot of issues which were entangled with lack of freedom of women

 Next time when you get that string gender bias think of this genetic symptom getting into your system

 ["Many authors use gender for constructs that are social and sex for constructs that are biological. Nevertheless, most of the authors use the terms sex and gender interchangeably (Hines, 2002).]

Social construction of sex

Clear text book like explanation of difference between sex and gender

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