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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Real greatness of science

Greatness of science does not hinge on awards and recognition but its utilities and enhanced cognition, though there is no harm in getting awards and recognition.

Greatness of religion does not hinge on the number of adherents but in the temper of tolerance towards others, though there is no harm in having more number of adherents.

Greatness of nationhood does not hinge the width and worth of real estate space it occupies but the place it occupies in improving state of life of all on earth, though there is no harm in having more real estate space.

None of the three i.e. science, religion, nationhood are without politics or fallibilities nor any of the three a panacea.

All the three have immense impact and inject identity and are therefore ubiquitous in influence.

Science has helped human beings to explore, to experiment and to understand rationally and also use that understanding for betterment of all life forms, including environment.

Technology has accelerated this process and brought the benefits to various spheres of life.

When science chose technology as its partner it made a giant leap. This combination of science and technology displaced vague inanities and also inane vagueness in many matters.

The problem is the collateral damage that this has caused by depriving many of their livelihoods and some of their entertainment.

Science by itself cannot settle disputes with axiomatic certitude but it is more useful at unsettling blind beliefs and help humans to explore and experiment with an open mind.

The following link has many sub links all of which unravel many aspects of science and the politics in science.

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